Written and Directed by Nomakhomazi The four-part documentary series will seek to profile, engage, and highlight the passion/tenacity of a growing breed of creative workers that are surfacing in incredible ways across the country. These creative mavericks locate their work within our complex and contradictory past and propel us to imagine a different and new future for the youth of country. Where art is at the centre of social change and the creation of a better life for all.   EPISODE ONE - Mkonto Gwazela In the film we are introduced to Mkhonto Gwazela, an acclaimed ceramic artist based in the Eastern Cape, who travels to his ancestral home to share his love of art. In this episode we follow him as he tries to introduce art into schools in the rural areas.
  EPISODE TWO - The Smaarteez They (Lethabo, Floyd and Sibu) are a Fashion Collective based in Johannesburg. They are trailblazers in the fashion industry with their edgy street fashion and have featured in local and international fashion publications. We follow them as they engage with the fashion tribes of Soweto (CheeseGals; YeezeyBoys and Izikhothane) to convince them to buy from local designers.
  EPISODE THREE -  Camagwini (“Stop the Exodus”) Critically-acclaimed and SAMA-nominated artist, Camagwini returns home to the Eastern Cape in this episode. She seeks to highlight the plight of musicians that leave for the big city unprepared for the challenges that await them. She launches a campaign to encourage musician to develop themselves in the Eastern Cape before the leave for the big cities.
  EPISODE FOUR – Faniswa Yisa (“See Me in the Space”) Renowned actress and performer, Faniswa Yisa has a vision of creating a flash-mob type performance in the city centre to claim the spaces that were historically denied to people of colour in Cape Town. Working with a group of young women and other collaborators, they engage with the complex histories of the Mother City in a new and exciting ways.