Documentary Series

Youth Culture Series 2017 | SABC 1


The series will identify young people that have decided to insert themselves in the discourse on transformation in all spheres of life. Standing on the sidelines and just commenting on Facebook is not enough for these young mavericks. Through their voice, their journey in the film will reveal a cascade of information that is not represented in the public domain.  Through their life experiences South African audiences will have the opportunity to put a face  to the issues that are treading on our social network timelines.

BFFF Women's Day 2017

Ndi Vumeni - SABC1 10PM 22 DEC

(Ndi Vumeni Faniswa Official Selection and 2nd Audience award at Encounters, Also official Selection at Black Star Film Festival) When the clock hits 5pm in Cape Town black people are seen rushing for trains and taxi and the city is quiet their presence is gone. Even after 1994 the born-free generation are still disconnected to the city and choose to remain in the townships of Cape Town, because the city is not welcoming.

Ndi Vumeni - Monday's 10PM SABC1 December '14

(Ndi Vumeni Cama Gwini) The exodus of young people in search of record label deals in Johannesburg is no longer a viable decision to make, with the internet and online platforms young artist should build an audience in the home towns and be discovered where they are.


Ndi Vumeni SABC1 29 DEC 10PM

(Why is art not part of the school education curriculum in black schools, art is an important part of life and Mkhonto will show you why)

Ndi Vumeni SABC1 Smarteeze

(the rise of black identity means the rise of black business meet trio of fashion designers whose mission is to win the heart of young fashion consumers who could be potential clients.